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Press Release Submission Services

Need for a Press Release

Fundamentally, a press release is an official statement issued by an individual or organization to members of the press, regarding a specific matter. The idea behind it is to get more and more people aware of this matter and draw enough public attention towards it. Companies generally make the most of press releases to highlight their new product or service launch, special recognition, business expansion, upcoming events, etc.

Online businesses feel the necessity for press releases as well. Since the number of websites has become uncountable, it is a challenge for a web-based business to be noticed among potential customers and at the same time boost its sales and revenues. Press release submission to numerous PR websites is one of the effective ways to hog the limelight and keep your brand fresh in the minds of targeted web users.

Some of the popular free PR sites include free-press-release.com, prlog.org, pressreleasepoint.com, 24-7pressrelease.com, ideamarketers.com, freepressreleases.co.uk, i-newswire.com, etc.

About Our Services

SEOPhalanx undertakes a highly organized press release submission process to garner maximum attention for your website and its various happenings. PR distribution prominently figures in our search engine optimization (SEO) campaign and acts as a decisive technique in achieving first page search engine ranking for your site.

Press Release Writing

We have very competent writers who produce attention-getting PRs to project your online business in a magnificent manner. The key elements of a press release we write include:

  • A catchy headline to best describe your business accomplishment, event, product or service
  • Well-written body giving helpful, precise and appealing information and facts
  • Quotes from the representatives of your company
  • Description of your company, its goal, business policy, etc.
  • Detailed contact information containing company name, address, contact person, email ID, telephone, and website URL
  • Incorporation of targeted keywords in the title and body to make the PR effective from SEO viewpoint

Press Release Distribution

Our SEO executives submit press releases to many popular PR websites at regular intervals. The intention is clear - to stay in the news. We carry out PR distribution on a much broader scale so that it catches the eyeball of the web users, bloggers and scribes locally and around the world. Our objective is to take the announcement made in the press release to a huge number of prospects, so that they will keep you in mind when they are prepared to buy.

Our PR Writing and Submission Benefits

  • Professional press release writing that is full of impact
  • Experienced PR writers and submission team
  • SEO optimized content with brand name and links highlighted
  • Submission to renowned press release sites with massive traffic
  • A good deal of exposure and promotion for your product or service
  • Enhanced brand identity and awareness about your online business
  • Tremendous effect on eventual search engine rankings

Bring the uniqueness of your business to the fore with our high-quality press release submission services.