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Classified Ad Posting Services

About Classified Ads

With the rapidly changing dynamics of the Internet come newer techniques of advertising and promotion for online businesses. Free classified ads are the latest fad to grip webmasters and Internet marketers alike. Many businesses feel that online classifieds are far more effective than those published in the newspapers because these can reach out to millions of web surfers in a flash.

If you wonder why it is called classified, it is because all the advertisements belonging to a specific theme are listed under one category. For instance, all the properties that are available to buy, sell or rent will be classified under real estate.

Features of a Classified Ad

An online classified ad generally contains an appealing description of a product or service being promoted together with the name, business address, phone number, email ID, website URL, price, and even some images relating to the offerings.

Classified advertisements on the World Wide Web are very effective when it comes to enticing buyers because they can be put up in several interesting ways. People can have a thorough understanding of the product or service by viewing them and make the best buying decision on their own. If you're a seller, you should know to make an attractive and informative ad that would persuade the potential customer to go for the purchase.

About Our Services

SEOPhalanx takes maximum advantage of classified ads in all its search engine optimization projects to accomplish high rankings for the clients' websites. With our classified ad posting services, your business stands to receive instant exposure at a reasonable cost. A systematic and apposite classified advertising can result in abundant high-quality leads and that is what we deliver to your business.

How We Work?

  • Understanding your business and offerings completely and then preparing an eye-catching ad content by integrating the targeted keywords
  • Locating classified ad websites with high PageRank and voluminous traffic, since the more the potential customers, the better is your product or service visibility
  • Posting the ads in those websites for free, either by category or by region you belong
  • Conforming to the specific guidelines of each classified site to ascertain the approval of the ads
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the ads, i.e. which advertisement is converting traffic into sales the maximum and from which directory and then making changes to our plans accordingly
  • Promoting the classifieds via social bookmarking websites like Digg, Delicious, Reddit, etc.
  • Sending the full submission report for your review

Our Classified Ad Posting Benefits

  • Skilled and experienced classified submission staff
  • Ability to carry out region-wise submission to target more and more local customers
  • High-quality links back to your website for top SEO results
  • Free, qualified traffic to your website from popular classified directories
  • Most affordable classified submission rates
  • Start improving your product or service visibility on online classifieds.

Contact us to get it done in the most professional manner and at the same time attain high website rankings!