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Blog Creation and Promotion Services

What is a blog?

A blog is a type of e-journal where people post entries on a daily basis regarding their personal experiences and fields of interest for the purpose of sharing them with others. The whole activity of writing, editing and reading blogs is known as blogging and people performing this activity are called bloggers.

Due to the massive commercialization of the Internet, the blogs are not just online journals or personal diaries anymore, but are a magnificent promotional medium for individuals as well as businesses. There is no better web-based platform to advertise your expertise, product, or service than a blog. When it comes to rating the most read contents online, blogs will definitely top the list. They now have an unprecedented fan following, thus making them paramount for businesses of all kinds.

Top Reasons for Businesses to Own a Blog

  • Great way to update content and keep freshness intact
  • Effective promotion of products and services
  • Direct interaction with potential customers and request for feedback
  • Powerful search engine optimization (SEO) technique
  • Improvement in search engine rankings
  • Great source to receive targeted traffic in huge numbers other than search engines
  • Increase in the frequency of search engine visits
  • Wide and fast circulation of the latest business happenings
  • Solid online reputation through the publication of quality content
  • No need for high technical expertise to maintain a blog.

About Our Services

Focusing on the commercial significance of blogs in the present context, SEOPhalanx has given blog creation and promotion a whole new dimension. We have made our blog marketing services one of the most efficient internet promotion tools for the clients. As we are aware that not each blog receives the same type of attention or audience, we formulate a specific strategy to match your nature of business and the products or services it offers. We create blogs, write fresh content for them, and promote them-all under one roof.

How We Work?

  • Writing several blog entries with keyword-rich and appealing content that best highlights your business
  • Manually creating blogs on numerous popular free blogging service providers like WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, Blog.com, Blogster, Xanga, Weebly, and so on
  • Following all the submission guidelines of respective free blog service providers
  • Customizing the look and feel of the blog with attractive theme to grab the attention of readers
  • Posting new entries at regular intervals to keep blogs updated
  • Putting multiple links back to your website via anchor text
  • Adding sufficient tags to each entry so that it can be found by readers and search engines easily
  • Promoting blogs on other online platforms like social networking websites
  • Monitoring the number and type of visitors every blog generates
  • Preparing and sending the complete submission report to you

Our Blog Creation and Promotion Benefits

  • Highly skilled and experienced blog writers and submitters
  • Search engine friendly blogs due to regularly updated posts and natural, permanent backlinks from relevant sites
  • Large database of free blog directories with high PageRank
  • Boost in search engine rankings
  • Direct traffic to your website from blogs
  • Increased online visibility and reputation for your business